Branding is nothing new. In fact, it takes its name from the way that farmers used to brand their cattle so that it was easy to tell who a specific animal belonged to. The branding industry is very different now, of course, but that basic concept of differentiating your products from someone else’s still applies.


Without a strong brand, you can only compete on price. With a strong brand, you can charge a premium for your products, which is why Apple is one of the most valuable brands in the world. Branding is often seen as something intangible, and it’s certainly true that it’s more obvious if you get it wrong than if you get it right, but it’s also a hugely important part of modern marketing.


We’ll help you to position your brand exactly where it belongs in the market by developing a set of brand guidelines that cover everything from your tone of voice to the company colors you use and the emotions you want to evoke within your customers.


With branding – as with all other areas of business – consistency is key. That’s why we use brand guidelines, to ensure that your brand looks, feels and acts the same no matter where people come into contact with it.

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