Email Marketing

You can’t launch an email marketing program if you don’t have a list to send to. We’ll help you to launch or to further develop your email list whilst simultaneously creating a messaging strategy that’s designed to take people from email subscribers to paying customers. One of the strengths of email marketing is that the entire process is fully measurable.


We can help you to carry out split testing to optimize subject lines and send times, as well as create automated email messages that kick in when they’re most effective. For example, e-commerce sites can see a huge uptake in conversions by simply emailing people who abandon their cart to remind them to finish their purchase. B2B companies could remind people when their contracts need renewing. Some companies even send out “happy birthday” emails and other messaging in an attempt to further humanize their brand.


Email marketing is unlike most other digital marketing techniques because it allows you to deliver personalized messaging at scale. At its most basic level, you can make sure that every email is addressed to the recipient by name, but at a more advanced level you can vary the content that they see or bring in other data points to provide truly personalized email messages without spending hours on end manually creating them.

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