Search Engine Marketing

When it comes to SEM, you need to put in some research to make sure that you’re making the most of your budget. Setting up advertisements is easy enough, the challenge is in setting up advertisements that actually work. After all, there’s no point spending huge amounts of money to bring people to your website if they’re just bouncing away without making a purchase.


We’ll begin by understanding your business and what sets it apart, as well as getting to know your customers and the buyer personas that they fall into. The next step is to carry out keyword research to identify what people are searching for and why they’re searching for it. Informational queries tend to be cheaper to bid on, but transactional queries suggest that the searcher is closer to making a purchase.


As a general rule, we typically target both informational and transactional queries with a mixed approach to search engine marketing. We also run multivariate tests on the advertisements to improve performance over time and phase out any ads that are failing to deliver. Search engine marketing is less of a “set it and forget it” strategy and more of one which requires constant, ongoing tweaks to make sure that you’re getting the best results possible.

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