Marketing Strategy

Without it, you're going in blind.

No marketing campaign is complete without an underlying strategy that brings everything together and forces it to work towards a common goal. Without a strategy in place, you’re going in blind. With a strategy, your individual marketing efforts will all work in harmony, generating greater results than they ever would in isolation. Your strategy will also inform the metrics that are measured and what marketing success should look like. It’s the foundation that everything else should be built upon.


Search Engine Marketing

Make search engines work for you

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a little different to search engine optimization (SEO) because it relies heavily on using tools like Google’s AdWords to promote websites on results pages through paid advertising. By carefully matching your advertisements with the keywords people search for and the intent behind those keywords, you can tap into a virtually endless stream of visitors and potential customers who just need a little nudge to head through to your website and become a customer.


Email Marketing

Generate sales with relevant, personalized messaging

Your email list is one of your greatest marketing assets. You can use the data you’ve captured to build up a comprehensive picture of who your customers are and to deliver personalized messaging directly to their inbox. Through a mixture of dynamic messaging and fluid design, you can reach people with a relevant message whether they’re on the go on their smartphone or in their office at work.



Think Nike swoosh or Coca-Cola red

Branding is the process of differentiating your company and its products from competitors through the use of colors, language, symbols, logos and more. It can even extend to the sounds and smells of your physical location or the way that your employees answer the phone. Each of these factors add up to create a brand, and the process of branding is all about making sure that there is consistency in your message so that people can instantly recognize your company by the way it looks, feels, and acts.


Content Writing

Provide value to customers through killer content.

Content marketing is the process of using written, audio and visual content to bring customers to you through search engines and social networking sites. If you can add value to potential customers through your content, whether that’s by teaching them how to do something or whether it’s by making them laugh, then they’ll be much more responsive when you hit them with a call-to-action. They say that content is king. There’s a reason for that.


Social Media

Build relationships with customers and influencers

Social media marketing is all about using social networking sites to reach prospects, customers, influencers and more through the creation of conversational content. By creating a two-way dialogue between a company and its customers, you can boost brand loyalty, increase sales and even involve the people who use your product to come up with new ideas for your R&D team. SMM is about so much more than self-promotional tweets from a company Twitter account. It can change the way you do business for the better.



Get found through Google, Bing and more!

Search engine optimization is the process of making specific changes to your website to make it more appealing to search engines and the algorithms they use to rank their results pages. From keyword research and 301 redirects to optimizing meta information and correctly using h1 and alt tags, SEO is all about taking the great content that you’re already creating and helping people to find it. It’s not about tricking search engines but rather about making sure that you follow their guidelines.